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IUI stands for Intrautrine Insemination or injections into the uterus.  IUI is the most natural treatment method for pregnancy. The female patients will have medication to cause the ovulation. When the doctor knows the date of the ovulation, the patient will be asked for IUI appointment. The sperm will be injected inside the uterus and naturally fertilize with ovulated egg. 


Who is IUI suitable for?


- Younger age group (less than 40 years old).

- Having healthy fallopian tube, or at least one of fallopian tube is normal

- Having chronic ovulation problem or PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

- Some cases of unexplained infertility


- Having semen analysis with normal result (sperm quantity at least 5 million count)

- Can collect his semen or can ejaculate by naturally

- Some cases of unexplained infertility

Is IUI successful?

IUI is the treatment that quite similar to natural pregnancy but controlled the ovulation by medical procedure. After intrauterine insemination, the fertilization between egg and sperm will be like natural. The success rate of IUI will be under the condition of male’s sperm and female’s tubes are healthy, average rate around 10% - 15% per cycle.

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