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IUI stands for Intrautrine Insemination or injections into the uterus.  IUI is the most natural treatment method for pregnancy. The female patients will have medication to cause the ovulation. When the doctor knows the date of the ovulation, the patient will be asked for IUI appointment. The sperm will be injected inside the uterus and naturally fertilize with ovulated egg. (More........) 


IVF comes from the word In Vitro Fertilization, which ‘In Vitro’ comes from Latin, meaning in the glass, or some people may be familiar with the test tube baby. The treatment of IVF is different from the IUI in which the female patient must use injections that stimulate the ovaries to produce many eggs, takes time about 8 - 15 days. (More........) 


ICSI is a method of treating infertility that is close to IVF. It is different just as the method of fertilization between eggs and sperm that process from the scientists only. ICSI comes from the full word, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, which means that the sperm is selected for mixing one by one (1 sperm per 1 egg).  (More........)

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